The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine


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Interactions between the body and the mind/emotions are now a well-established fact of medical research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine lays out the scientific underpinnings for the mind–body connection, documenting the numerous interactions of the endocrine, immune, nervous, and stress systems that so profoundly impact human functioning.

The authors propose a unified theory of human functioning, called integral physiology, which combines important Western biological knowledge with Eastern medical traditions of healing. Unique aspects of the text include the elucidation of the pineal as the master gland―the transducer of environmental information into neuronal and hormonal communication within the body. In addition, the authors assert that there must be a hormonal cascade for the relaxation response, paralleling the well-known hormonal elaboration of the stress response, and then provide a review of some of the hormones involved in this response.

The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine is the first book to elaborate on the cutting-edge field of subtle energy medicine. The authors propose a theory of the physiology of spirituality―or in medical terms, a theory of how subtle energy impacts physical and mental/emotional functioning. Subtle energy medicine recognizes energy modalities that can beneficially affect the body, while acknowledging the importance of experiences traditionally called “intuitive” or “spiritual.” It broadens awareness of how our bodies are both hard wired and hormonally designed to permit interactions with subtle energy.

This medical textbook has been written in a unique, conversational style that incorporates both technical and scientific information, and anecdotal stories.
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