The Practice of Pranayama: An In-Depth Guide to the Yoga of Breath (includes 7 CDs)


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For thousands of years yoga practitioners have tapped into the power of pranayama, a method of focused breathing to rejuvenate the body and mind, and to bring about spiritual transformation. Here Richard Rosen presents an in-depth program on pranayama designed for beginners as well as for those with an existing practice who are looking to build upon their experience and refine their technique. On 7 CDs, he offers easy-to-follow, guided breathing instructions and then goes on to lead pranayama routines that create an ideal structure for pranayama practice at home. The program includes: 

   • a 16-page booklet that provides an overview of pranayama
   • instruction on ujjayi, violma, and bhramari breaths that form the foundation of pranayama

   • more advanced breathing techniques like ratio breathing, digital pranayama, and inner and outer retention

   • eight different guided pranayama routines

   • twelve guided meditations with visualizations in shavasana

   • and much more