The Forgiveness Myth: How to Heal Your Hurts, Move on and Be Happy Again When You Can’t or Won’t Forgive


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The Forgiveness Myth, a bold, ground-breaking book, refutes the notion that those who have been hurt cannot recover their inner peace and happiness unless and until they forgive. For centuries, forgiveness has been assumed to be the only legitimate way to recover from interpersonal hurts. Yet millions are either unable or unwilling to forgive, including many who have gone through divorce, suffered abuse, or are in recovery or therapy. Countless individuals who have suffered discrimination due to their sexuality, race, religion, or ethnicity also resist or reject forgiving. And many who aren t able to forgive themselves are prisoners of unresolved feelings of guilt, regret, or shame. The Forgiveness Myth explains why forgiving doesn t always work and what readers can do instead to reclaim their peace and happiness. There are times when forgiving works very well, and times when an alternative approach will be more effective. Readers are encouraged to choose what works best for them.
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