The Enlightenment Pack: Identify Your Personal Goals, Improve Your Life, Your Work, Your Relationships/Includes Book and 48 Cards


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Why do we feel the way we do? What are our inner strengths? Our weaknesses? And how can we best realize our potential and achieve our goals? This new deck of cards -- along with the comprehensive paperback guide provided -- makes it fun to embark on a journey of inner discovery, either alone or with friends.

Drawing on his "psychology of vision", a synthesis of Western and Eastern precepts, Chuck Spezzano has created a deck of forty-eight cards divided into six suits -- Victim (guilt), Unconscious (independence), Relationship (fear), Healing (communication), Gift (beauty), and Grace (innocence). To use the deck, people take cards from each suit and lay them out in any of several patterns. Then, drawing on the easy-to-understand explanations in the book, they analyze their reactions to the cards and their juxtapostions -- and open the door to inspiration and enlightenment.

Combining the insights of psychology with the interactivity of tarot, this unprecedented package will be a revelation for spiritual seekers everywhere.