Taekwondo Self-defense: Taekwondo Hoshinsool


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In Taekwondo Self-defense: Taekwondo Hoshinsool, Sang H. Kim adapts traditional Taekwondo skills for the modern day Taekwondo classroom. The self-defense techniques presented blend Taekwondo kicking, blocking and striking skills with locks, throws and takedowns drawn from other Korean self-defense arts. Learn how to use your Taekwondo skills to defend against a wide variety of common emptyhand attacks including holds, locks, chokes punches, kicks and pins. Plus, learn defenses against an attacker wielding a blunt weapon, knife or gun. Each defensive scenario is illustrated with high quality photos and explained in step-by-step detail that includes key points to successfully applying advanced techniques, multiple ways of defending against the most common attacks and alternative responses to help you prepare for the fl uid reality of a real-life self-defense situation. Taekwondo Self-defense is an invaluable reference for the dojang, promotion testing, demonstrations, and your personal protection.
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