Substance Dependence and Co-Occurring Psychiatric Disorders


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Now in one authoritative source: What everyone who treats substance abuse must know about co- occurring psychiatric disorders... This master reference, developed by a team of nationally known and respected researchers, clinicians, and program directors, is the first comprehensive handbook that provides a full treatment of all the most common psychiatric conditions that typically co-occur with substance use disorders. This is an essential guide for everyone who treats addiction, as well as for psychiatric clinicians- designed to help you develop and improve critical diagnostic skills and create coordinated treatment plans that achieve positive outcomes. Get expert, hands-on guidance... Why clinicians and counselors must be prepared to address co- occurring substance use disorders and psychiatric disorders How common psychiatric disorders such as depression or anxiety disorders present in patients with alcohol and drug dependence Diagnostic criteria for common psychiatric disorders and how to apply them in making a dual-diagnosis How to distinguish symptoms caused by intoxication or withdrawal from symptoms caused by a psychiatric disorder How to develop and implement an effective program of routine screening for common psychiatric disorders in patients with substance use disorders What components to include in treatment plans that integrate services for both substance use disorders and psychiatric disorders How to evaluate problems with learning and attention in patients with substance use disorders How to identify and manage special issues-such as nicotine dependence, chronic pain, suicide risk, medical problems, medication interactions, and issues relevant to adolescents with substance use disorders-in dually diagnosed patients How to evaluate substance use, abuse, and dependence in patients with psychiatric disorders What current research says about the evidence for pharmacotherapeutic and behavioral treatments How to organize clinical servi