Sport Psychology: Performance Enhancement, Performance Inhibition, Individuals, and Teams


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Sport Psychology is a senior undergraduate textbook that provides a synthesis of the major topics in sport psychology with an applied focus and an emphasis on achieving optimal performance.

After the introductory chapters, there are three main sections to the text: Performance Enhancement covers topics such as anxiety, routines, mental imagery, self-talk, concentration, relaxation, goals, and self-confidence.

The section on Performance Inhibition includes chapters on choking under pressure, self-handicapping, procrastination, perfectionism, substance abuse, burnout, and injury.

While much of the information presented is universally applicable, individual differences based on gender, ethnicity, age, and motivation are emphasized in the concluding section on Individuals and Teams.

Throughout, there are case studies of well-known athletes from a variety of sports to illustrate topics that are being explore.

Online teaching resources are available to qualifying instructors.

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