Sleuth At Work


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Sleuth at Work relates twelve intriguing case “stories” from the real world experiences of Lester Levin, an industrial hygienist who has investigated and solved mysterious outbreaks of illnesses and accidents at work for over forty years. Uniquely challenging and engaging, these workplace mysteries are cracked by Professor Lazar Davis – Levin's “sleuth at work” - that one reviewer stated “....will hold the attention of all readers, and will educate them without their knowing it is happening.” The introduction traces the history of society's belated moral obligation to protect workers from the illnesses and hazards of their workplaces. The risk-assuming professions of firefighters and beauticians who accept unusually hazardous safety and health conditions are dramatically profiled in the final section. Sleuth at Work will be of value to specialists who deal with all aspects of workplace health and safety problems and, yes, be entertaining and rewarding for the general public.
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