Samurai Magic: Warrior Monks of Japan – Vol II


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The only book of its kind ever published in the world! A unique and very powerful Japanese magic system used by the Ancient Samurais. Few people know that Samurais used magic in battles and in individual combat. As well as in life in general. Japan has a long history of using magic. Sigils were their favorite. But, all kinds of magic was used including Dolls nailed to trees and all kinds of magic formulas. All this has been kept super secret until now. This updated edition offers several new methods included with 20 Sigils to connect you to the Samurai Stream of magical power. This Stream connection initiates you into Samurai magic and the path of the Warrior Monk. Exclusively in this edition is a secret Samurai magic empowering circle seen for the first time in print. It empowers the Sigils in the book to release their awesome powers. This is the first time a Japan Magic Circle has been made public. It is one of the many new secrets revealed in this edition. Along with details on the Special Samurai Evocation Powder you sprinkle on the Sigils and place in the Circle to activate them and other formulas. These and more secrets are revealed for the first time! Making this one of the most powerful Occult Tools you can own.