Pedorthics 101 For Your Foot Health: Root Cause of Foot Problems, How to Eliminate the Cause, Anklebone Alignment Test (Volume 1)


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An ABC certified pedorthist who used to be an animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation Studio writes this book. Animators know how to analyze the movement with weight and ground reaction force. With simple analysis of the law of physics, this book demonstrates how your foot arches are falling each step you take; and why orthotics are essential devices in order to align your ankle bones, thus provide true balance for your feet. With nearly 200 illustrations, this book shows the foot structure and its mechanics, and how your body is connected to the ankle bones that are part of the arches. With the facts that your legs stand right on the ankle bones and the arches falling each step you take, thus tilting the ankle bones; this book demonstrates how these fallen arches cause foot deformities and pains while misaligning our body’s major joints that stand on the ankle bones. Also, this book demonstrates how the orthotics that align your ankle bones can prevent and improve fallen arch syndromes all over your body; and most importantly, how to test your ankle bone alignment and how to stand and walk correctly. With aligned anklebones, your body will move more efficiently in every activity, at work or in sports, while minimizing injuries.