Mini Modern Essentials Usage Guide: 6th Edition A Quick Guide To The Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils


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Portable version of the larger Modern Essentials book is the perfect choice for taking information with you when you are out enjoying nature, on trips, or visiting clients. Its small size makes this book easy to slip into a purse, carrying case, or suitcase, and its coil binding allows easy access to the information when you need it most. This book contains the Personal Usage Guide section with commonly used oils and application methods, a condensed Single Oils section containing the common primary uses and application methods for each oil, and the Science and Application section, containing detailed information on the history, science, and proper application of essential oils with illustrations and charts. Note: Not all of the information contained in the large book, Modern Essentials, is in this book. This book only has 3 of the 6 major sections contained in the large book. Two of the three sections are condensed from the sections in the large book. Stunning new design with many new illustrations and features. New oils have been added to sections throughout the book. New research on even more amazing benefits of essential oils and their constituents. The Personal Usage Guide section with an alphabetical listing of hundreds of different health conditions and ways essential oils are often used for each condition. An enhanced color-coded recommendation system that makes it simple to visually identify which oils and application methods may be best to use first as well as dilution recommendations. Descriptive charts, photos, and illustrations. Footnoted references to hundreds of documented research studies. Easy-to-understand definitions for each medical condition listed in the Personal Usage Guide section. An introduction to essential oils, including their benefits and historical background. Reflexology charts, auricular chart, and autonomic nervous system chart. Sixth Edition, September 2014. Size: 288 pages, 7½" x 5½" x ½"