Loving Hands: The Traditional Indian Art of Baby Massage


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Written by the famous French obstetrician, Fredrick Leboyer, who pioneered the popular "water birth" or Leboyer method of birthing. In LOVING HANDS he shows us how, in the weeks and months following the birth, we can use the flowing rhythms of the traditional Indian art of baby massage to communicate our love and strength to our infants in a primal language of touch and sensation. The actual techniques of massage, and the embracing vision that animates them, are seen through the person of the radiant young mother, Shantala, whom the author met with, observed, and photographed with her babies in India. The wisdom and knowledge Dr. Leboyer has absorbed from his sojourns in the East are fused with the deeply personal expression--in words and photos--of his own unique insight. LOVING HANDS, like its extraordinary predecessor, BIRTH WITHOUT VIOLENCE, brings us into a new and transforming relationship with our babies--and with ourselves.