Keys to Higher Consciousness: How to Contact Your Inner Self


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'One of the clearest, most thorough step-by-step guides to the spiritual path, "Keys to a Higher Consciousness" expertly explores meditation, personal fulfillment, the world's major religions, yoga, mysticism, and metaphysics. With 57 chapters for the mildly curious reader as well as the advanced seeker, it is filled with explanations & techniques which describe & reveal our superconscious talents, ecstasy, the threshold, initiation, awakening, levels of awareness, & modern life's amazing possibilities. Features ten interviews with religious leaders: a Catholic Bishop & Archbishop, a Baptist missionary, two Rabbis, a prominent Muslim & Hindu, the eminent Dr. William Hornaday on Metaphysics, Piyadassi on Buddhism, & Swahananda on Vedanta. Inspiring but never obscure, this book speaks of the loftiest subjects in a voice we can all understand.'