Greysheet Recipes Cookbook: Greysheet Recipes Collection from Members of Greysheet Recipes


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Readers will find complete information about the 12-Step Recovery Group, Greysheeters Anonymous, based on the principles of Alcoholic's Anonymous Inc., and the "Greysheet" Food Plan and Method, a food plan originally offered for suggestion by Overeater's Anonymous Inc. in the 1960's, a very low carb, high protein food plan, no breads, flour products, only products that list sugar at least fifth on the label, and quantities suggested in weighed and measured amounts. 347 pages. The Cookbook Recipes in the Greysheet Recipes Collection have been contributed by members of GreysheetRecipes. GreysheetRecipes is an online forum. The discussion group is for members to post and discuss recipes that meet the requirements of the food on the Greysheet Food Plan. There are 12 Step support groups, based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous Inc., that support the use of the Greysheet Food Plan. You can find links to these groups in the Greysheet Recipes Collection and more about some of the specialty foods like soynut butter, soy products, digital scales for weighing and measuring food amounts, and literature on recovery from compulsive overeating. The Greysheet Recipes Collection is not an official publication or official literature of GreySheeters Anonymous Inc. or GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Inc., Overeater's Anonymous or any other organization. While the book does not contain a copy of the "Greysheet" Food Plan, you can obtain a copy of the Greysheet by contacting a member of one of the Greysheet support groups through one of the links offered in the book.
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