Gold Medal Mental Workout for Combat Sports: A Step-by-Step Program of Mental Exercises to Make you a Winner Every Time (book, 4 cds, and trainer log)


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You already have what it takes to be a winner. If even once, during a workout or a contest, your reactions and your technique were just perfect, it means you have all the skills to show such mastery all the time. The obstacles to releasing your mastery on demand are in your mind.

Gold Medal Mental Workout, a simple program developed by noted Polish sports psychologist Dariusz Nowicki, is now available to help athletes worldwide turn in winning performances. In a triumphant testimonial at Polish team headquarters in Barcelona, Olympic gold medalist (judo) Waldemar Legien revealed "You already have what it takes. Now all you need to do is unlock your potential. Your key is the Gold Medal Mental Workout. It is easier than any other mental training and it helped me win two Olympic gold medals."

Gold Medal Mental Workout works so well because its author, Dariusz Nowicki, is himself a world class athlete (in 1979 he competed in the World Taekwondo Championship), sports psychology researcher, and a successful trainer of world class athletes. He uses mental skills, studies them (he has a master's degree in clinical psychology and is currently completing his doctoral dissertation for a Ph.D. in sports psychology), and teaches successfully; a hard to match combination of athletic practice, scientific knowledge, and teaching experience with olympic teams.

Gold Medal Mental Workout introduces athletes to the basics of mental preparation in its first part called "Fundamentals,", which is accompanied by four audio tapes. When the athlete feels comfortable in practicing the basics of mentally "working out," he or she proceeds to the second part directed at athletes in the combat sports and the two audio tapes to be used at this second, more specific stage of training. At any stage of the program the athlete may wish to record his or her activity and progress in the Gold Medal Mental Workout Exercise Log.