Fundamentals of Geriatric Psychiatry (Psychiatry – Theory, Applications and Treatments)


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The number of people over the age of 65 years in the United States is growing steadily. Currently, they constitute thirteen percent of the population of the United States. This number will double over the next thirty years. Psychiatric disorders are not uncommon in older adults. Dementia, depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders and substance abuse disorders are often encountered in this population. Substantial increase in the number of older adults with mental health issues and a sluggish economic climate has resulted in our healthcare system being overburdened. Adding to this critical situation is the fact that the growth in the number of trained clinicians caring for older adults with psychiatric disorders has not kept pace with the healthcare needs of this population. Available evidence indicates that although there has been an increase in the research database on psychiatric disorders in older adults, the translation of this latest research data into clinical practice occurs less frequently than desired.Keeping these issues in mind, the authors have written a concise textbook on geriatric psychiatry which encompasses the latest information on psychiatric disorders in late-life. It is written by experienced professionals who specialise in the care of older adults with psychiatric disorders. This book has the latest data in geriatric psychiatry interpreted and translated in an easy to read manner. There is also a practice test at the end of this book for clinicians taking certification examinations in geriatric psychiatry. This book is a must have for anyone who cares for older adults with mental illness, be it a caregiver, a student, a trainee, a novice clinician or a seasoned academic.