Forrest Yoga 5-Day Intensive Course (CD’s & Book)


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This Forrest Yoga® 5-Day CD Intensive Course (Audio CD's and Companion Book) by Ana Forrest is designed for the advanced/intermediate yoga practitioner. This course will take you on a physical and mental journey deep into the core of your very being. With the consistency of a vigorous and mindful daily practice, you will create a heightened sense of emotional and spiritual awareness while challenging every muscle and cell in your body. Includes: -Five 2-hour audio classes -10 hours of personal instruction -Over 400 full color pose photos within the companion book -Advanced poses with intermediate modifications Each day is a 2-hour Forrest Yoga® class. The course is designed to be done in 5 consecutive days, to build upon the skills and techiques taught in the previous day(s). Ana gives complete and detailed instructions on the CDs. The Companion Book illustrates all the poses and variations. Each pose photo is accompanied with bullet point instructions. *Day 1 - Breath* Begin the week with an energizing back and shoulder class. Strengthen your back, open your shoulders, and increase steadiness as your energy builds. *Day 2 - Integrity* Awaken your pelvis, lengthen your hamstrings, experience invigorating inversions and balance poses. *Day 3 – Go Deeper* Go deeper, melt away old resistance and limitations. Integrate backbend work of Day 1 and balance and focus work of Day 2 to succeed in the advanced backbends of this day. *Day 4 - Strength* Delight in your strength, work through this hot, sweaty class with Sun Salutations, B-Series, and Standing Pose Series. Get stronger and the possibilities of what you can achieve in the world expands. *Day 5 - Spirit* Experience a deeper focus of Embodying Spirit. This final intensive class includes a fabulous blend of the week's work.