Fitness for Firefighters: Enduro-Strength Training


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Firefighters need to train extensively to gain the greatest command and control of their equipment. Fitness for Firefighters:Enduro-Strength Training uses techniques to promote physical endurance, strength, and power by using tools and equipment duplicating the challenges on the fire-ground. The author wants to change the way firefighters view and participate in physical fitness training. Firefighters must establish their own physical fitness training and skill development for maximum performance. Firefighters are dying of cardiac arrest, and performance is compromised by lack of strength and endurance. Our lives and the lives of our crew members depend on our level of fitness. On the fire-ground there are always multiple challenges for the firefighter. The tasks must often be done repetitively and simultaneously for long lengths of time. It's strenuous work and always magnified by the tough environmental conditions of the fire-ground. Enduro-Strength Training is an informed approach built exclusively for firefighters, by a man who knows first hand the intense physical requirements you must be able to perform to be in the fire service. The routines utilize the movements and skills firefighters are called upon to use at any given time during a shift and utilize actual firefighting equipment. Hoses, sledgehammers, ladders, and more. The routines and other components work together to provide a dynamic, layered approach for developing and maintaining fitness.