Explain Pain Super Charged


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This enhanced version of the popular Explain Pain book contains new and expanded content on the neuroimmune science of pain.
Where Explain Pain and The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer are specifically designed to help patients understand their personal pain experience, Explain Pain Supercharged is designed for students, researchers and clinicians who want to go deeper into the complex biology of pain.

Explain Pain Supercharged has been constructed as an up-to-date and highly practical textbook that you can refer to over and over as you construct pain interventions. It expands your knowledge base as a clinician and helps you apply the complex concepts effectively in your everyday practice.

The book will provide you with:
238 pages of entirely new content and original artwork
A deep understanding of the neuroimmune biology of pain
Educational science and conceptual change theory
Over 100 ready-to-use clinical metaphors and therapeutic narratives
The book is designed for all health professionals treating pain as well as anyone teaching people about pain. It is extensively cross-referenced with Explain Pain and the Explain Pain Handbook so that you ll be able to enrich your patients experience no matter where they are at on their pain journey.

Written by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley.

Illustrated. Softcover; 238 pages.