Everyday Mediation Train-the-Trainer Manual


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This is the Train-the-Trainer manual for setting up an In-House Mediation Program. Mediation is a conflict resolution process that empowers the disputants by letting them solve their own problem with the assistant of mediators. Mediation is an effective alternative to bullying, fighting, verbal violence, and social isolation. Mediation reduces punishment, physical damage, emotional damage, and property damage. Mediation is an investment in the future. The purpose of this manual is to provide easy-to-follow instruction in mediation training for leaders who are not formal trainers or who have little training experience. This mediation program is convenient: the trainers my train any number of students at a time and at any time that works well with their schedules. The methods provided have been thoroughly tested and proven by the authors, who have been mediating and providing mediation training to youth and adults for over 23 years. This Mediation Training Program provides eight 2-hour training sessions for the participants. The foundation of this mediation process is a new 5-step model that strategically assists the mediators and disputing parties in achieving resolution and success. This method has a documented track record for improving relations and reducing conflict and its many ramifications.
Student Manual. This program provides 8 training sessions. BENEFITS: You are the trainer. This mediation program will be available year-round. It is an easy-to-follow manual. An effective alternative to bullying, fighting, verbal violence, and rumors. It saves time, energy, and cost spent on conflict by reducing physical, emotional, and property damages. It is a low-cost and high-results way to eradicate conflict peacefully.