Dr. Michael Hunter’s Breast Cancer Made Simple


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It is a frightening experience to hear the words "You have breast cancer." Now what? How can women turn those dreadful words into the first step on a journey of education? "Dr. Michael Hunter's Breast Cancer Made Simple" offers an easy-to-understand guide. Full of illustrations and using a magazine-like approach, this book represents a breakthrough in translating complex information into understandable language. Topics covered include basics (an overview of cancer, anatomy, cancer spread, and risk factors), detection (biopsy options, benign changes, breast cancer types, margins, and more), pathology (under the microscope), staging (extent of cancer), prognosis, management (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and more), and aftercare. Included is a comprehensive toolbox containing resources such as abbreviations, a glossary, index, and helpful sources (telephone, internet, etc.).
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