Development Across the Life Span (6th Edition)


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Offers a strong balance between research and applications.  For chronologically organized courses in Human Development/Lifespan Development.


Robert Feldman offers students a chronological overview of physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development–from conception through death with his text Development Across the Lifespan . The text presents up-to-date coverage of theory and research, with an emphasis on the application of these concepts by students in their personal–and future professional–lives. The text taps into students’ inherent interest in the subject of human development, encouraging them to draw connections between the material and their own experiences.


This book is available with MyDevelopmentLab, which includes a full eText, videos, self-tests, flashcards, and MyVirtualChild- the interactive simulation which allows you to raise a virtual child from birth to age 18, and monitor the effects of your parenting decisions.  MyDevelopmentLab does not come automatically with the text so please be sure you check to ensure that an access code is included before placing your order!   (The book by itself has a different ISBN number than the book + MyDevelopmentLab.) You can also purchase a MyDevelopmentLab access code online at



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