Dark Deception: Discover the Truths About the Benefits of Sunlight Exposure


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Dark Deception debunks the widespread myth that sunlight is harmful to your health and demonstrates how sunlight exposure can improve your quality of life.

For decades sunbathing has been considered evidence of poor health judgment, an activity comparable to smoking cigarettes. This depiction is a gross distortion of the truth. Dark Deception reveals that there is no proof that moderate sunlight exposure is harmful to your health. Sunlight exposure, which produces vitamin D, a crucial hormone for the functioning of organs, provides many therapeutic benefits, including reducing chronic degenerative diseases.

Dark Deception elucidates the health benefits of sunlight exposure and the dangers of avoiding it. It offers tips for safe sunbathing. It demonstrates that oral vitamin D supplements can be toxic replacements for the natural vitamin D your body produces when exposed to sunlight. Dark Deception will change how you understand the sun and your health.

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