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Using straightforward jargon-free language, BREATHE presents Dr. Belisa s unique approach to breathing exercises. It is a book for people who are looking to address their fatigue, sleeping problems, anxiety, and stress all of which are worsened by shallow, erratic inefficient breaths and, consequently, suboptimal oxygenation of the body and brain at a cellular level. In addition, the exercises and theory taught in BREATHE will result in better endurance in sports. You ll be taking care of yourself from the inside out. Dr. Belisa s method teaches you to relearn or remember how you used to breathe rather than teach you a skill requiring the attention and motivation that it takes to acquire a new habit. Dr. Belisa asks you put aside ten minutes a day for fourteen days, working from your baseline, and pushing yourself just as you would in a gym or in physical therapy. The result: more energy, less pain, lower cortisol (and control of belly fat), less GI problems, and a better immune system. The explosion of technology, longer hours spent seated at a desk or car, and high levels of daily stress everyone accepts as normal have had a tremendous effect on the way people breathe. This in turn has created or exacerbated medical problems such as high blood pressure, irritable bowel, and insomnia. BREATHE is a primer that covers all the critical core issues related to oxygen, your lungs, and your breathing patterns. It teaches you how to breathe in an anatomically congruous way that maximizes inhales and exhales, lung expansion, and ribcage flexibility. Finally, BREATHE is perfect for someone wanting to explore concepts of mindfulness and meditation. If you are looking to improve such brain functions as focusing and problem solving, or if you just want to relax and rejuvenate by quickly ridding yourself of oxidative stress of the day, this book is for you.