Attachment-based Practice with Adults Understanding strategies and promoting positive change


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This illustrated, multi-media resource offers a theoretically coherent, practice-based model for the application of attachment theory in working with any adults, including those who pose a risk to themselves or to other adults or children.

At the heart of the resource is the five-step LEARN model, a flexible interviewing strategy which helps practitioners work with confidence in an attachment-informed way. Having introduced contemporary attachment theory, its links with neuro-biology and the importance of personal stories, the manual and audio DVD provide five powerful case studies to illustrate the three different attachment strategies, with audio interviews, commentaries and guided practical exercises. A detailed Interviewing Guide provides an invaluable framework for conducting and making sense of interviews, with examples of possible responses which might promote integration. Further exercises provide the basis for assessment and intervention with clients, and a final section shows how attachment-informed supervision can help to enhance practice.

This work-based resource increases the confidence of practitioners to act as change agents with their clients, and to relate to them in attuned and effective ways. It can be used by individuals, teams, co-workers, supervisors and teachers/trainers to reflect on and improve the preparation, use and support of attachment thinking in practice. It speaks to diverse professions and modalities and can be used in a multidisciplinary environment by both adult and children's services.