Aquatics – The Complete Reference Guide for Aquatic Fitness Professionals


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A revised and updated version of AQUATICS - The Complete Reference Guide for Aquatic Fitness Professionals has been released. The spiral bound book is an encyclopedia of aquatic fitness information for aquatic professionals. Educators, aquatic instructors, and college teachers and professors can benefit from this text. It is a reference tool to answer all aquatic exercise questions, apply research, explain theory, give options for application, and offer resources for every aspect of the aquatics industry.

This book covers everything from a layman's review of the major muscle groups and their functions to discussions of the physical laws on water principles that affect aquatic workouts. All the details are covered, including sample marketing plans, legal issues, guidelines for the selection of equipment, and music an aquatic program. This is the only text available covering both the complete spectrum of the aquatic fitness industry and peripheral disciplines affecting it. AQUATICS covers all the information needed by the aquatic professional to begin a safe, effective, successful aquatic program.

Thorough choreography guidelines including over 100 aquatic exercise moves with sample combinations and programs
A compete review of workout intensity and aquatic heart rates
Program modifications for older adults, obese individuals, prenatal women, arthritic individuals, individuals with low back pain, individuals with knee problems, and children
Guidelines on water programs for walking, jogging, aerobics, toning, strength training, flexibility training, power aerobics, sport specific and general sports conditioning, plyometric training, deep water training, therapy, and relaxation techniques
Pool Safety Inspection Checklist, Sample Emergency Action Plan, Accident Report, Health History, Medical Clearance, Informed Consent, Fitness Testing and Class Policy Forms are included Complete, immediately usable programs, for Water Walking, Toning, Aerobics, Strength Training, Flexibility, Circuit Training, Step, Sport Conditioning and Deep Training all are available
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